About Us

NIPCT is one of the leading Media company trusted by millions across the globe for providing online free Quality Content. The Team of NIPCT is investing a lot of precious time to create quality content with the expectation that this will be useful for the viewers around the world.


Because of a lot of similar products in the same sectors, it seems very difficult to find out which one is best. So to fulfill this gap “ NIPCT ” take the initiative to choose the best 10 of different sectors.

Aim & Objectives

NIPCT is founded with the aim of “World’s Best IT Companies & Software “ And the main Objective of this company is to help people around the world for finding the Lists products and Services related to different sectors.

What’re Topics Companies Lister Covers

NIPCT covers topics on being an Entrepreneur, Running Business, Life Style, Start-Up, Economy, Stock Markets, Trading &Investing,Industry,Software,Antivirus,Company,Insurance,Education, Toppers Talk, College, Kids, English Spoken, Programming, Careers, Innovation, Tourism, Software, Technology, and many others.