PDF Download MTG Combo Pack : Physics For You chemistry Today Mathematics Today Biology Today

The book published by MTG Publication is a very useful book for the students of class XI and class XII. This book attempts to explain the class score of class XI and class XII in a classified form so that students can easily learn physics chemistry, mathematics, and biology.

A useful book for students preparing for engineering and medical students is that students should buy a book published by MTG Publication every month. MTG Publication mainly publishes four books in which Physics Chemistry Basic concepts of Mathematics and Biology are strengthened. Its book name is Physics and Chemistry book name is Chemistry Today Mathematics is named Mathematics Today Today events are done and done so that students can understand the latest things about the exam. And it definitely helps a lot in bringing more marks in the exam. Students should read this book well, understand it, and try to solve the questions given in it. Solving the questions After the students will be able to understand physics chemistry, mathematics, and biology, they will be able to solve them easily and if they understand the questions well then definitely They will get more number in IIT JEE exam and will be able to get admission in the best IIT.

All these books are useful for class XI and class XII students who are studying CBSE syllabus and following CBSE book which is published by NCERT, that book is entered publication publication To strengthen the basics of the students.


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